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Welcome to my website!

This is the website for bladesmith Graham Fredeen. Please take the time to look around and experience the world of hand made knives and blades. This site is constantly being updated, check back frequently for updates and newly completed blades.

Update 10/7/2010

Well, got an email from Jim Cooper Tuesday evening and he completed the photograph of my knife and its great! Take a look:

This is only the beginnnig of many more great things to come. Keep an eye out and a big THANKS to everyone who's been with me along the journey!

Update 9/29/2010

Thought I'd drop a quick update and let folks know that Paul Long has worked up an amazing sheath for my mosaic fighter and just sent me a couple of "preview" pictures of it.

 Its currently in the Capable hands of Jim Cooper from Sharp by Coop photography for some great pictures

Take a look HERE!

Update 9/20/2010

New knives are now available Here. Please take a look. I also updated the knife show page with a few pictures from the 2010 PKA show in Denver this year.

Update 9/19/2010

Well, thought it was about time for another update.

 Had a great time at the PKA show in Denver a few weeks ago. I talked with a lot of folks from the knife community, got lots of great feedback from people, recieved some amazing compliments, and of course talked with some of my other knife making friends. Overall it was a good time. I had hoped to win a "best new maker" award, seeing as I'm brand new to the PKA, but they changed their criteria from previous years (to making/selling for 2 years or less) so I wasn't eligible. I also put in for "Best Damascus of Show" and while I didn't win it, I came mighty close to doing so, and had quite a few folks tell me they thought I should have. Thats the way things go sometimes, so no worries there.

 For everyone who came by my table and stoped to talk, it was great meeting you, I enjoyed all the conversations I had, and thanks for taking interest in my work!

 The nice mosaic blade I took to the show that "almost" won the best damascus award is on its way down to Paul Long for one of his amazing sheaths, and then it will be heading up to Jim Cooper from Sharp By Coop Photography for some professional pictures. I think there's a good chance that it could end up published in a magazine or two, so keep your eyes out sometime in the future. I'll post updates here of course and share what should be some amazing pictures of the knife here.

Got a few more knives that I was working on before the show that didn't quite make it to the finishing line, so those are in the works and should hopefully be done soon as well.

 I also brought back a few knives from the show that I will be posting for sale soon, so keep an eye out in the available blades section for some new work!


Update 8/9/2010

Howdy folks,

 Been hitting things hard trying to get ready for the up comming PKA knife show in Denver August 20th - 22nd. I've got a couple really nice blades that I will be taking, some of my best work yet. In the days that follow, I hope to get a "show preview" posted, showing the blades that I will have at the show.

 Also, I've been working on a way to include some more video from some live shop broadcasts I recorded awhile back and I think I have finally found a way to include them on this website. So please check them out. Live Shop Broadcasts

And here's a little preview of something that will be at the show:

Update 7/28/2010

Hello folks,

 Thought it would be about time for another update on things. As mentioned previously, I was in the process of applying for a table at the 2010 PKA Denver knife show and membership in the Professional Knifemaker's Association. Everything was approved without issue, so I'm all set to attend the show comming up August 20th-22nd at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denver. The show is comming up fast and is only about 4 weeks away.

 As you can imagine with the show comming up I've been super busy trying to get some blades done for the show. Its been a bit of a tough go of things with the extremly limted amount of shop time I get now days, and having to take some time to get a couple previous wedding ring comissions completed. I won't have as many knives at the show as I'd like, however I'll have a few there, and some pretty impressive ones at that.

 If you are in Colorado that weekend and can make it up to the show, please stop by my table to say hello, take a look at some of my work in person, ask questions, and chat a bit about knives.

 I'm looking forward to the show and look forward to meeting anyone who can make it. For those who can't make it to the show, I'll have some pictures of all (or most) of the blades I'll be taking posted shortly before the show, and I'll definately have a full update and pictures of how the show went up on the website here after the show is done.

 Got a lot of sleepless nights ahead in the next few weeks to try to get things ready, never enough time in the day...

Take care everyone!

Update 5/30/2010

Its about time for another update. As usual I have been more than busy with all the things in life, and unfortunately updating my website doesn't always climb too high on the list of things to get done.

 Since the last update there have been a number of exciting things to mention.

 I am now a member of the American Bladesmith Society. I made the decision to join the ABS because it has always been one of my goals to achieve a Journeyman Smith rating, and perhaps one day a Master Smith rating in the ABS. I have finally reached a point in my knifemaking where I think I have advanced my work to the point where I might be ready to start to persue the JS rating. Over the course of approximately the next two years I will be working towards constructing the test knives necessary for the rating and doing the other preparations required.

Secondly, I have made the decision that I would like to have a table at the 2010 Professional Knifemakers Association Denver Custom Knife Show. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I am in the process of working on getting my regestration in order. If all goes well, I greatly look forward to exhibiting and selling at this show.

Finally, I'm usually pretty good about posting new knives on my website as they come along, but recently with everything on my plate I haven't posted any of my new work for awhile.


Here is one I completed on comission for a gentleman in New Mexico:


Here is a recently finished blade that I will be using as my new every day carry for a short time, until I find a more permanent home for it. 


Here is a nice W Pattern billet and blade that I have been working on

I also have another raindrop pattern hunter completed, and some more damascus in the works yet to be photographed. Check back soon for additional updates (I promise this time ).



New Update 1/12/2010

I have added a new page to the website dedicated to the new Damascus and Wood Rings I have started making. Please take the time to check it out.

These rings are also available for sale, so please don't hesitate to contact me and we can work out the details if you are interested in getting a custom hand made ring.

Update for the New Year 1/6/2010

Well its the New Year, and things are moving along quickly already.

 Got some new and exciting things in the works so keep your eyes open here.

 First up, Going to be producing some Damascus steel rings!

Here's the first "prototype" to test the concept.

 I'll be doing a "run" of these off the same billet (probably about 10-15) as this first one (19 layer 1095 & 15N20 with a twist pattern). There will be some different shapes and styles I'll be experimenting with, as well as different finishing options (bluing, etc). If you think you might be interested in getting one of these "first" rings, send me an email. Havent worked out pricing yet, but this first batch will probably go for under $100 a piece, so keep them in mind. I'll have to make them as I get the requests, due to different finger sizes. I'll be experimenting with more complex Damascus patterns in the future as well, so keep your eyes open.  

Next I've finished a couple new knives, go to the available blades page to check them out!



Update - 11/11/2009

Back again with another update. Hard to believe, two updates in the same month! Trying to keep more new content flowing into the site for everyone to see.

 So the big news, the feather pattern bird and trout knife is now finished.

Click the image or click here, to see additional pictures of the finished feather pattern bird and trout knife.

Update - 11/3/2009

Well folks, updated some more of the educational portions of the website.

 I've added a new introduction to Metallurgy and Heat Treatment for bladesmiths section.

I've also added a new installment to the "Creation of a Pattern Welded Blade" tutorial.

Both of these articles/tutorials can also be reached from the Tutorials page.

Additionally, I managed to complete the feather pattern bird and trout knife (seen directly below) this past weekend. Still needs a sheath and still have to get some really good pictures of it, but check back soon so see the final product!

 Also, Please be sure to visit the Forum. If you are a beginner looking for some adivice on how to get started, having problems or need some questions answered, are another experienced maker who wants to exchange ideas, a custom collector who wants to get to know me a bit, or someone who just wants to chat about knives or blades, its the place for you! I'm hoping to build and grow a decent community for the education and appreciation of the edged blade, so be a part of it. 

Update - 10/27/2009

Back again with another belated update. Been super busy as usual. There never seems to be enough time in the day or week to do everything that needs to be done, let alone what I want to do.

 Made some more progress on the bird and trout comission in the In Progress section, be sure to check it out. Also look for this blade to be finished sometime next week (should have it done over the weekend, and some good photographs posted later next week).


 Also finally found a little metal lathe for the shop, a Grizzly g0516, with the milling attachment. This will allow me to do some really cool things with my bladesmithing I wasnt able to do before. Also a possibility for things like damascus rings and other things. AND one of my main goals is to start turning contact wheels (and idler wheels etc) for belt grinders, and possibly start selling some (just need to work out how to ruberize them). So keep your eyes open, there's lots of exciting things in the works!

Update - 9/3/2009

Well, as usual its been a long while since an update, so figured its about time I get around to it.

Since the last posting I've completed the blade from the pattern welding tutorial, is a 304 layer Dog Star pattern Fighter, and is currently Available.


 Additionally I have three integral bolster blades close to completion, the progress can be seen Here.

I'm also in the middle of working on a feathered W pattern billet, which should turn out to be very nice.

I went to the PKA Knife show Aug 21-23 in Denver. Had a great time, met some other makers, finally got to see some actual physical examples of other maker's work. Also picked up some handle material and mosaic pin stock from suppliers who were there (feel free to inquire about them if you are interested in a comission).

Anyway, thats about all for the moment, I'll try to keep the updates comming a bit more frequently in the future. Unfortunatley the website tends to get a bit neglected when I'm feeling the crunch with other things in life.   


Update - 5/27/09

About time for another update. Life has been super busy as always and shop time has been limited as a result. However, I have managed to acomplish a few notable things despite this.

 First, I just uploaded the first part of the pattern welding tutorial, be sure to check it out

Secondly, got my new HT furnace built, heres a quick look

Also built a mini 20 ton air over hydraulic press for drawing out billets and forging large stock down much faster.

I've got a few blades in the works as well, a couple of integrals, a kard with hamon, the pattern welded billet is ready for patterning, and a few others that have been laying around the bench for a long while.

Currently in the middle of a complete shop overhaul as well. Needed to reorganize to make room for the new equipment, as well as give it a much needed cleaning. Once its clean I will make a shop tour page so everyone can see where I work and my equipment, etc.

New Forums feature - 2/23/09

Just loaded up a new forum feature for the site and thought it might be beneficial for some discussion and any questions you all might have. Feel free to join in a discussion or post a new topic. Just click the registration button and you should be good to go. Everything is still very much in the trial stages, but if all goes well and it catches on I will be adding and upgrading as we go.

 Check it out, be the first to post something!

Another quick update... 2/23/09

Just thought I would throw down another quick update and let everyone know that I'm still around and havent vanished (though sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better if I did ). I've been really busy with life and have been trying to keep in the shop as much as I'm allowed. Working on a couple commissions right now, one is getting pretty close to being finished, I'll post pics when its done. Still working on the pattern welding tutorial as well, editing some of the video and working on compiling pictures and descriptions. No new work on the billet, since commissions must take precedence over my own personal projects. Its sitting at about 76 layers at them moment and I will take it to about 304 before doing the patterning and forging a blade or two out of it (depending on how much I have left). Also got some new and exciting things in the works for the near future, one of which is rumored to be a proper heat treat furnace with about a 40"-42" blade capacity, which would let me really start to get into doing swords, and I also heard some talk of a mini hydraulic press that could happen along shortly afterward.... 

New EDC/Utility, new Pattern welding tutorial in progress, and refractory supplies available...

Thought it would be about time to throw in an update on my recent endeavors.

Firstly, I finished up another blade a bit before Christmas. Its a little EDC I did for myself. I figured it was about time to retire the old cheap folder and replace it with a well made blade I did myself. Doesn't hurt for advertising either .

Forged 5160, edge-quenched, full tang
Blade length: 3.5"
OAL: 8.5"
Black canvas micarta grip scales
Mild steel bolster w/filework and mild steel pins

Don't think I'll be selling this little one, though Im sure I would not be too sad at parting with it if the right offer came along.

For additional pictures of this blade, including the pocket sheath I worked up, view the Past Work section.

Secondly, I started welding up another billet for a damascus blade or two, and as I promised I have started another tutorial of the process. I hope to take this one through the entire process, start to finish. Just have to make sure not to forget to take the camera to the shop, and to not get too focused on the work that I forget to snap a picture or two every now and then.

Haven t loaded up the bulk of the pictures yet, but did upload the first video. So as a teaser, check it out under the Tutorials section.


Finally, Ive recently came across a refractory supplier in my area and purchased myself some fire brick, satainte, and inswool. Due to the nature of most suppliers, you have to purchase larger quantites than needed for most small operations. I know there are only a few other guys over the net that sell refractory supplies in small quantities for the average smith or guy starting out, and to me, their prices seem a bit high. This got me thinking, since I am fortunate enough to have a supplier fairly close by, why not buy up some of the most common refractory materials in bulk from the supplier and offer smaller quantites available for purchase by other smiths. This is kind of a preliminary test to check interest, as I don't know if there will be enough ligitimate interest or site activity to make it work. I know for sure that I can get pleanty of inswool (pretty equivilant to Kaowool or durablanket (in both 1" & 2" thick, 2' wide blankets, 6# density, 2300F rating, and I would sell by the foot and price by the foot, actual prices that I would sell at havent been determined yet but looks like somewhere in the neighborhood of $4-$6 a running foot for 1", double that for 2"). I can also get satanite no problem, and would sell it priced per pound, probably in 5 lb, 10 lb, & 20 lb incriments. Fire birck is no problem either, both hard and soft, and in all the standard dimensions. I know I can also get standard castable refractory, and other refractory mortors (like green patch) as well. I neglected to check on the availability of any ITC-100 or equivalent products, but its something I will certainly look into. So, if there is any ligitimate interest in this, please contact me and let me know, or drop a post in the Guest Book. If you need any satanite, inswool, or small quantites of the 1 1/4" hard fire brick (think I have 8) right away, I have extra on hand currently. I'm not going to be out to make a killing on these things, just a little something to do on the side. I just want to make enough to cover the cost for my efforts and to help fund my bladesmithing.

Newly finished Bird and Trout Knife 8/14/08

Hellow again everyone, just finished up a new blade. Its a bird and trout knife with snakewood grip and brass bolster.

Please check out the In Progress page for some pictures of the progress made on this blade and how I took it from its initial state to where it currently is. Also check out the Available Blades page or Past Work page for additional photos and description.

An Update, New Tutorial, and New Domain - 9/19/08

Greetings everone, sorry there has not been much action on the site recently, work has me tied down and keeps me out of the shop save on a few rare weekends. I have made some more progress on a little bird and trout knife I started near the end of may, its all heat treated, finish ground, and polished, and I have a start on the brass bolster and handle. Next chance I get in the shop I am going to try and finish it up.

Aside from that... I did manage to finally post another section under Tutorials, dealing with the next step following forging, rough grinding. Be sure to check it out. It illustrates a linear grind, which is different from the standard flat, hollow, and convex grinding methods, and was done on the old grinder. Next knife I rough grind on the new KMG I will try to get some pics of how knife grinding "should" be done.

And finally, if you haven't noticed, I bought my own domain for this website. The new domain is, verses the old freewebs one. This means no more stupid adds, and greater site exposre. If you have the old domain, be sure to switch it over.

And feel free to tell your friends about the site, email me questions regarding bladesmithing and its processes, or make suggestions under the, Tell Us What You Think... section, about new things you would like to see on the site, or things you think could be improved. And don't forget to subscribe (subscription box is located at the bottom of this page), to recieve notices of updates, special reminders, and other important notices.

Two New Swords in the Works - Updated 8/5/08

Got two more swords in the works, one 36" viking sword and a 48" longsword. Check out the In Progress page for more pics and updates as these blades progress.

New Steel Roses and other Forged Art 7/13/08

Aside from blades, every now and then I do a few pieces of artistic blacksmithing. These types of pieces include steel roses and flowers, hooks, candle holders, and other forged ironwork. If you have an interest in something other than my blades, please drop me an email and you can place an order or discuss a special, custom forged piece.

New Tutorials Page! 6/29/08

There is a new page for the site containing pictorail essays about the various processes in bladesmithing. The first is currently up, forging a blade! Be sure to check it out!

The New KMG is Here! 6/7/08

Well everyone, after many years of waiting the new KMG belt grinder has finally arrived. I received the base plate, motor and extra tooling arms yesterday and got the KMG, contact wheels and attachments today. I must firstly say that I am very impressed with this grinder, even without having used it yet. The materials used to make it are excessively overkill, this thing is a beast! I am pretty sure that if an air strike was called down upon my shop, the KMG would survive just fine, while everything else would be completly destroyed... Anyway, I know what you all will be after, Pictures!

Here is the box it came in (just the grinder and attachments, the base plate, motor and extra tooling arms came in separate boxes).


Note that the tags on the box are facing the correct direction, indicating that the box is oriented correctly...


but its not... the smart employees at FedEx put the box upside down when they tagged it, meaning that the KMG came all the way from Ohio to Colorado on its head.

Now that we have it facing the right way, its time to get it out of that box...

And there she is in all her glory! From comming over 1000 miles upside down, and getting banged around quite a bit (holes in the box and what not indicates something far from a smooth ride), there is not a scratch on it. I am lucky its as tough as it is .

 Here it is with some of the attachments laid out.

Just for some fun and laughs, let me illustrate just what exactly I am replacing. On the top is the new 1 1/2 HP motor for the KMG, just the motor. Underneath is the old 4" x36" belt grinder, all of it, I used to use. Notice anything about the size difference...

Here is the base plate and extra tooling arms. The base is solid steel plate about 9/16" thick, and the tooling arms are all made from solid 1 1/2" steel. Like I said, this thing is a beast.

Well, here it is all assembled and bolted down. Everything fit perfectly and assembly was a breeze. Since I ordered the base plate, you just bolt that down to your bench/stand, then plop the KMG chassis on that, line the holes up drop 4 bolts in and tighten it down. Then the motor just sits on the base plate, there are plenty of pre-drilled and tapped holes to accommodate many different motors, and it bolts down and has slots in the base for sliding back and forth to adjust tension in the drive belt. I got the step pulleys to allow for some adjustment in speed as well.

Here it is with the 10" contact wheel in place. To change wheels you just have to loosen that outside nut and slide on the new wheel on and tighten it back up. Takes literally a whole 5 seconds to do.

Here it is with the platen attachment and work rest.

And finally here is the small wheel attachment.

I have separate tooling arms for the small wheel, platen, and contact wheel. That way I can switch over quite quickly. I dont work too much with work rests, so I don't know if I need any more, but they are easy to make, and the tooling arms are already tapped to receive one should I want to make one for each. I have the motor all wired up and running, it is actually surprisingly quiet. You can hardly hear it when it isn't hooked up to the KMG. It makes a little more noise spinning the pulleys, and drive shaft, but it is still very quiet. The motor is very powerful and it starts up amazingly quick. It is up to full speed almost as soon as you finish flipping the switch. I think I am going to really love this grinder, I already do, but I haven't had the chance to actually use it yet. I am still waiting for the abrasive belts to come in. I ordered them a couple of days after the KMG because the company's website was down. I should have them by mid next week however and then I can finally use it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at the new KMG and I should have some new pieces ground out on it as soon as I get my belts, so check back soon!

New Knives in the Works 5/26/08

Here are a couple new knives I have started recently, one is a bird and trout styled blade, the other is a fighter. Please look at the In Progress section for a few more pictures and more info.

New Stag Hunter

This blade was newly completed 5/23/08. It is forged of 5160 spring steel, hardened and tempered. The grip is made of the exotic hardwood, cocobolo, features steel spacers, and of course the most prominant and beautiful stag horn. THIS BLADE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE... but there are a couple others still for sale, as well as custom comissioned work too.


Custom Sheaths and Scabbards!

Each blade from Fredeen Blades comes with its own custom sheath. These sheaths are constructed out of tough and durable leather and can be tooled and stained with a variety of colors and designs. Each sheath is custom made to fit each individual blade.

5/28/08- A Look at Where the Magic Happens...

Here is a quick peek at the shop. Its not very impressive, but it gets the job done. As you can tell, the maid has not been in to clean in for some time... thats something I will have to get to eventually when I find some time.

Here is one of my current belt grinder, its a 4"x36", and is not suited for anything much besides linear grinds on blades. Its the first thing on the list for an upgrade, which I plan to do hopefully within the next month. I am going to replace it with a beautiful machine, the KMG 2"x72" belt grinder from beaumont metal works (

And here are a couple of the anvil and forge.

Hope you enjoyed looking!

For news and updates...